Specs and Pricing

You may demo any of these skis for $65.00 per day, includes ski use and 30 minutes of instruction.  If you'd like two days of full instruction (4 hours each day), that would be $500.00.  We guarantee your skiing will be improved by 30% to 50% (with the 2-days of full instruction).  $100 OFF 2-day instruction with purchase of skis.

The Five Unique, Handmade, Custom Ski Designs:

All except the 192s are $600 (does not include bindings).

All Around Tahoe 152

All Around Tahoe 162

All Around Tahoe 178

All Around Tahoe 185

All Around Tahoe 192 $750

Personalized, Custom, Handmade Skis are an additional $200, which includes personal evaluation of your abilities and needs, as well as the custom design work.

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All Around Tahoe has designed five unique ski designs.  Our skis are handmade.  Our skis are wide in the tip and the tail, narrow underfoot, for quick radius turns, but wide enough for the powder. They are great for flotation in the powder, but will carve on the hard pack and ice, like a racing ski.  They track at high speeds and are highly stable skis, due to the stiff tip and tail.‚Äč

Custom Skis



Don't make the all to common mistake of taking lessons or trying to learn how to ski or improve your abilities on rental skis!  Demo on the actual design of the All Around Tahoe Skis you'd like to buy and learn how to ski THAT ski. The skills you learn and benefits of instruction will be applicable to the skis you are actually skiing.

It doesn't get any better!  You may demo and purchase any of our custom skis and buy the best fit for you, OR, take it a step further and we can create very custom and personalized skis.  We'll take your measurements and design a custom ski specifically for you, including any special features that may improve your skiing even more.  We will guarantee that your personalized custom skis will improve your skiing by at least 50%.

Need twin tips?  We can do that!  Do you want rocker tips, rocker tails, or both?  We can do that!  Do you prefer soft, moderate or full camber?  We can make it happen.  We can customize any specific feature or details, depending upon your needs and desires.  Use our expert input and evaluation to create the perfect personalized custom handmade skis.

Personalized, Handmade, Custom Skis