The All Around Tahoe 192

All Around Tahoe skis are high performance, high tech skis and will be the best all terrain skis you've ever experienced. The custom designed, unique handmade skis are unique due to the width of the tip and tail and the narrowness of the underfoot.  This design will help any skier blast through the crud and the powder, but will also track through the hard pack and ice.

These skis are designed for the advanced, taller male skier. Ideally intended for an individual weighing between 180 to 230 pounds and between 5'10" to 6'8" tall.

These are a great pair of skis for the advanced, high speed skier that enjoys tracking through the powder.  The All Around Tahoe 192 is an ultra-light carbon construction, making the skis lighter and stronger than other construction methods.

Length:  192 cm
Side Cut:  18 M
Tip Width:  150 mm
Underfoot:  104 mm
Tail Width:  142 mm
Weight (approx.):  1857 grams/ski
Tip to Tail Width Ratio:  6%
Rocker/Camber:  Rocker--Camber--Rocker
Tip Flex:  Medium Tip Flex
Tail Flex:  Medium/Stiff Tail Flex
Tail Profile:  6 cm - Traditional Tail

To purchase these skis, call 775-527-2840.

Customization options are available.